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Jennifer Byrne Paganellli

People need to know how fabulous you are and so multitalented!!!! There isn't anything that you can't do!!! We are beyond grateful for your commitment,dedication and that big ol heart of yours!!
all the very best!!! xo Jennifer

dolin bliss

Aw shucks, Jennifer. Now you are making me blush.

Well we all know how amazing you are... I am so happy that we get to work with each other, exploring all of our talents.

Congrats on such a wonderful book!


Two reasons to celebrate -- you updated your blog AND the book is coming out! So proud of you -- can't wait for you to sign a copy for me! xoxo

dolin bliss

I know, it's a miracle (the blog post).

Love you!


Luck certainly had something to do with it, but don't discount your wonderful TALENT!!! Congrats!!!

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celebrate CREATIVITY in all its forms

Hi Dolin, I just finished browsing Jennifer's book and saw your name and addy in the credits.

What a lovely book and so beautifully presented.

Congrats on all your hard work. The illustrations are clear and easy to understand and I can't wait to try several of the projects.

Everything about this book goes together perfectly with the lovely patterns, fabrics and of course all that beautiful photography.

Could that fuscia ribbon that ties the book together be any cuter?

On another note, I enjoyed reading about your studio makeover from an earlier post too.

Enjoy your day, Lisa

dolin bliss

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for stopping by my blog and your lovely words about Girl's World. Jennifer is amazing and it was great fun to get to work with her. I love the book... To me it is total eye candy. I hope you enjoy the projects!

All the best,

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