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Gorgeous! You are crazy talented, ma'am. xoLP


I've seen this sweater in action and I can say that it is GORGEOUS (and so is the lady who made it)!

What an amazing idea! you're fabulous. xoxo

Natalie Zee Drieu

I love this tutorial. It's beautiful - I love bows lately too. xoxo

dolin oshea

Thank you, Ladies!


That is fantastic. Just fantastic.

Any chance of a more detailed tutorial for the sewing inept? =)


F-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!! What a great way to refashion something otherwise useless and make it your own.

You rock!

dolin oshea

Thank you FaveCrafts!

I will look around for another sweater and if I find one I can do a more detailed tutorial. Or let me know what details you would like me to expand upon and I can help you out. Email me if you like.

Take care,

dolin oshea

Thank you for your kind words Concha!

Mimi Pond

DAMN you've got the style and the whole THING going on! You clever, clever girl!
How gorgeous! And no I never did know what "fully fashioned" meant. Saw it for years on sweater labels and thought it was just some bullshit, like "bumper to bumper." What a fantastic idea!
Have a great birthday!
I love your blog.

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