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Well, I hear you! I completely empathize. I made some gifts this year and it felt great to get back into making stuff...I'm totally behind on my blog and intend on doing so and posting some photos soon.

I think its terrific you've gotten going with Etsy and getting a business license and everything! That's progress!

Maybe try doing some yoga and just letting things happen...keep making stuff and wait for them to fall into place (this is what I'm trying, anyway).

I heard a great quote the other day -- something about doing what makes you feel alive, and that that's the most important thing (over money or success), because what the world really needs are people who are fully alive and passionate about what they spend their time doing. Makes sense to me. Now to just figure out how to pay the bills while feeling alive...=*)

Happy New Year!


dolin oshea

Hi Gina,

So nice to hear from you again! Happy new year. This is a big year for you, huh? Wedding in September?

I appreciate your kind words. Luckily, I have a wonderful husband who supports what I am doing and wants me to find what works for me. But I still need to make money. There are some ideas brewing. We should catch up.

Take care,

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