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OOOOOOOOOH! Those interiors are *dreamy* - I covet those red and white striped chairs!

Fantastic finds - thanks for sharing.

And the dogs are very dapper! :)

Queen of Fifty Cents

What great finds! I'd be reading those Judy Bolton books in a heartbeat!


I LOVE Judy Bolton! What an amazing find!!!

And the home modernizing book -- just dreamy. As are the pups! Have you thought of a name yet?



I have started reading one of the Judy Bolton books and do like it. I guess that this will be one more thing to look out for on my shopping adventures. We have decided on a name for our pup, it is Domino. He responds well to it and it just fits him.

Thanks for reading!

Salmagundi Thriftopia

Nice Judy Bolton book find! My friend gave me one of her books entitled "The Voice in the Suitcase" which I found to be a hilarious title. Would love to find more of her stuff. Great score.
I'm enjoying your blog as well. I just found it while searching for thrifting pics.

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