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What a cool post this was! I loved looking at all the quilts and was so impressed with the work of these talented women - especially "My Flower", good grief! Unbelievable.


Just one quick comment, these quilts were made by both women and men. I know several of the quilts in the show were made by men and there are many great male quilters.

As a female engineer, I was always offended by articles that assumed all engineers were male. I don't think we quilters should be making similar generalizations.

It was a great show, wasn't it?


Those are just amazing! I'm so glad you shared them. I'm in awe of the teeny tiny pieces and I love the saying from the Op Shop Opposites quilt... (I wish we used the term Op Shop. It's so much better than THRIFT STORE.)



Thank you all for your comments.

You are right Cindy. Not all quilters are women and I shouldn't have assumed that the above quilts pictured we all made by women. I will update my post. It was a great show!

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My Flower really was amazing to see in person. There were several people gathered round it when I stopped by, and we all agreed that it looked like a life's work--I don't know how she did it in two winters!

And thanks Cindy for reminding everybody about us guy quilters! A few of the overzealous PIQF shoppers seemed to think I was just getting in the way while carrying my mum's bolts....

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