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Lisa L.

Wow -- you look gorgeous! What an exceptional dress!!!


You don't know me; happy lurker, but I have to say you guys--lovely you, your handsome groom, your wedding party--you all look fabulous! What a stylish, fun wedding you had! What a celebration! And the combo of that fabulous blue, the cherry red, and your lovely black hair is amazing. Health, wealth and happiness to you.


BTW, the photographs are gorgeous also!

Jessica Gregory

You guys look so happy! Big congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy life together...

Petty Vices

Aaaah! Yay! Thank you for sharing the photos; your dress is gorgeous, you're gorgeous, your husband is quite dapper...I love the school, too, and the chalkboard art. Well done!!! Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing reception pics too, and the yard that I'm sure looks amazing (I truly have NO IDEA how you've managed to do all this, but for heaven's sake take a really long nap now).


Oh my, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! You two have such a wonderful sense of style. Your dress is stunning; you did a fantastic job! Congratulations and my best wishes for a life of good health and happiness to you.

dolin oshea

Thank you for all of your kind comments! We both couldn't be happier.


All of the pictures came out soooo great. You two are a lucky pair, I was honored to be part of the wedding.


i know, i know! i'm SO late on this-- but congratulations and could you possibly be more radiant? could your dress possibly be more fabulous?!? you're amazing (and your sweetie is a dreamboat).


AAAIIIEEE! My sentiments exactly....Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! LOVE the turq and red! Just beautiful.


Thank you Nancy and Sara! I am still loving looking at our pictures.


hoorah for brides wearing blue. Wonderful pictures of what looks like a wonderful wedding. congratulations!!


YOU'RE FAMOUS!!!! I love that the world knows how beautiful and talented you are -- even though we've already known that for years.

Aww, now I'm choked up all over again.

I Love you!!!!



Congratulations!!! I saw the feature on Offbeat Bride and the fabulous blue dress caught my eye. You all look stunning! Major kudos on having a unique and fun wedding; if all weddings were something like yours, I think the world would be a much better place. Best wishes!

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